Channa Horwitz:Rhythm Intertwined


Born in Los Angeles in 1932, Channa Horwitz was widely regarded as a Minimalist Conceptual artist. Although she maintained an undeniable association with the prevailing Minimalism in the 1960s at the prime of her practice, the outstanding significance of her work only gained recognition towards the end of her career.
After graduating from university in 1963, Horwitz attempted to create artworks using minimal shapes and colors, with the relationship between numerical sequence, system, and structure as the central focus of her work. In her practice, every new series was derived from the development and evolution of previous works, thus the color blocks and lines are shifted following a simple yet systematic algorithm. Through Horwitz’s interpretation, images of tremendous visual rhythm and rational order are formed, allowing for the prolonged possibility of dialogue between one another.
“I play with logical structure as one plays a game,” Horwitz said.