Zhao Bandi's Hut


The bamboo shed, a hammock in the shape of a facemask, and the lawn of bamboo leaf, the surreal be-came a reality in the art space. Time keeps flowing while Zhao Bandi's Hut had already flowed for more than a year.

Beginning on November 15, 2020, Zhao Bandi's Hut has travelled to Shanghai, Wuhan, Nanjing, Xiamen and Shenyang, to stimulate the impulse of mutual communication and curiosity to understand each other with the visual and intimate atmosphere of strangeness and to keep inviting every "visitor" to open up on the lawn, hammock, and hut without imposing restrictions on "portal" access.
The Hut was inspired by Zhao Bandi's experience of the world throughout the years, particularly his heart-felt experience in early 2020. Here, we forget the cold order of the mundane world, and our tender souls have ascended to another dimension.

Since 2020, the changing world order and the atmosphere of the times have directly affected everyone's life. With the changes in time, place and people, the connotations and extensions of The Hut have changed gradually. The voices of people in it are not necessarily coherent, and sometimes even contradictory, inco-herent and even lost. It allows the voices from the hearts to intermingle into a "polyphony" that flows into another dimension: the goals of life and spiritual desires do not necessarily coincide, and one can be more sensitive to this when meditating.

Shunde, He Art Museum, the core-tube and the double-helix staircase designed by Tadao Ando, and the skylight-pierced dome, Zhao Bandi' s Hut enters into a tranquil, sublime, dark gray space with the expecta-tion that the audience's confessions would reverberate softly. The connotation and extension of "hut" will continue to expand as audiences continue to open their hearts.

Text by Du Xiyun