HEM Pet Friendly Policies

After several rounds of research and internal testing, HEM pet-friendly spaces and services will be open starting from September 1, 2023.

HEM Pet Friendly Policies

· Small dogs and cats up to 40cm in height at the shoulder are allowed at the museum, and no other pets are allowed.

· Pets are not allowed to enter the museum during the rutting season.

· To enter the museum, please follow the guidelines provided by on-site staff and the policies, using pet carts or bags; free carts are available at the museum, please wait if all carts are occupied.

· Pets are allowed on the ground in the museum's designated areas (Crescent Garden, Pine Yard, Spring Harmoy), and must be held by their owners on a non-elastic leash, with a leash length of one meter or less.

· Please use the pet elevator; eating and drink is only allowed in the designated area.

· Please do not bring water or food into the exhibition galleries, but you can bring water-drinking equipment and get water from the designated place at the museum.

· Please avoid the elderly, the disabled, pregnant women, and children.

· If your pet barks continuously in the gallery, please put on a muzzle or take it away from the museum immediately.

· It is strictly prohibited for pets to defecate anywhere, and pet owners are requested to clean up their pets' feces in a timely manner by using disposable pick-up bags and placing the feces in designated garbage bins.

· If any accident occurs in the museum, the consequences will be borne by the pet owner; if a pet injures someone, the responsibility will be borne by the pet owner.

· Please follow the instructions of the museum's staff. If the above principles are violated, the museum reserves the right to prohibit the entry of the pet or ask the owner to take it away from the museum immediately.