Alert for Illegal Purchase of Artworks in the Guise of HEM

To address the recent illegal purchases of artwork by organizations and individuals, who unlawfully misrepresented He Art Museum, hereby the Museum makes a solemn statement as follows.

Anyone who reaches out to you in the name of He Art Museum, but fails to present a formal authorization issued by the Museum, or is using an e-mail address without official suffix ( shall be a sham. The Museum does not acknowledge any agreement entered into or any promise made therefrom, and such fake, unauthorized organization or individual shall assume full responsibility correspondingly. The Museum issues a collection certificate for every artwork collected. Please stay vigilant and contact the Museum timely if you see anything suspicious. You may inquire the Museum by email at

He Art Museum has been operating independently as a private non-profit organization since establishment, and does not involve any partnership. For any illegal, fraudulent act, the Museum reserves the right of holding the organization or individual concerned accountable.