He·FUN - HEM Inspiration Special Project

2022.10.01 -2022.10.07

On the second anniversary of the opening of the He Art Museum, HEM Inspiration once again launched a special National Day plan - "He·FUN".  During the recent National Day holiday, the public program of He Art Museum has prepared a series of activities for everyone, providing a variety of possibilities of art experience.

Green Apple Paradise

Everyone could create their own "Heart of Youth" sticker, and paste on the sculpture prepared by HEM Inspiration. They expressed their wishes and voices here, and the green apple has become a "wishing apple". 

Art Camp

Every afternoon, electronic music with psychedelic and relaxed atmosphere was played as promised. Every day of the seven days, different artists were invited here, and different styles of music were presented to the public.

Dessert Shop

Sidney W. Mintz wrote in "Sweetness and Power": "Food carries a large number of social functions and cultural meanings: the core of people's self-definition is food preference, which represents the identity and content of the individual,  People's common eating behavior creates social connections between people." This is especially true of sweet and savory dessert. 

Taste Lab
Taste Lab, a lab where you can make "food art" by yourself. During the National Day, creative pastries, artistic desserts and color picking workshops were opened, in which you can make delicious and fun things.
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