HEM Residency Program: A Side of View

2022.07.07 -2022.07.16

This residency program A Side of View is jointly planned by the public program HEM Inspiration and AURUA. In the name of artistic creation, borrowing the light of natural mountains and rivers to build a regional and international vision  It uses the front-end experience to feed back local art, and sends a positive message to emerging art forces at home and abroad.  At the same time, by building a hub for the vanguard's viewpoints and positions, the project consolidates the poetic hot spot for the birth of contemporary art creation, provides a display platform for multicultural contexts, and jointly explores the co-progress and regeneration of art and cultural communities between Guangdong and Guangxi.

The selected artists came to the beautiful Yangshuo to combine their own life experience, artistic vision, and creative style with the local cultural climate and natural landforms. The project will focus on the inheritance and evolution of the local customs and customs between Lingnan, and carry out extended creations in new contexts, new genres, and new situations, so as to realize new interactions between Guangdong and Guangxi, and new possibilities between art and the countryside.
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