Light up - Tadao Ando's Museum Massing Model Soliciting Program

2021.02.05 -2021.02.05

The program Light up is led by He Art Museum (HEM), Tadao Ando Architect & Associates, and One-tenth Art Company. The project seeks gifted participants to remake Tadao Ando’s museum design in the form of massing model, and become part of this year's exhibition.

Selected participants would take up 26 of Tadao Ando’s museum design to build massing models. Through the study of the drawings and hand-made models, you will find a deeper understanding and insights of the architectural design to Read Light, Interpret Light, and Be Light.

The organizer will select 26 models to be exhibited in the Tadao Ando exhibition.

Program Guidelines

1. Application Process

1) Preliminary Selection
a. Go to event page (HEM or One-tenth Art Company’s official WeChat), after reading the guidelines carefully, click the link or scan the QR code to the application page.
b. Choose one from 26 design projects, fill in the full name, contact number and email, and pay 20 RMB fee (each design project has 10 places, one person can only choose one, based on the first come first served discipline).
c. When payment is successful, you will receive an email from the official event email (  within 48 hours with a pre-qualification form, please fill in it correctly and reply.
d. The preliminary selection of candidates will be announced on February 5, 2021 via email, which will contain the notice, the 2nd round submission requirements and an exclusive candidate number (which would be used as identification, please keep it properly).

2)Finalist Review
a. Following to the preliminary result, the organizer will send an acrylic plinth to the selected candidate (production fee of 50 RMB is required).
b. The candidate will make the corresponding model, requirements are as follows,
Size: 330mm x 330mm x 5mm (length x width x height).
Materials: White Chevron board for base (need to be placed in the acrylic plinth provided by the organizers); white high-density EPS foam board; white EPE pearl cotton foam board, white foam board.
Suggested tools: utility knife, model glue corresponding to material.
Production requirements: Based on the design drawings provided, analyze the building blocks, provide the massing model drawings, and complete the massing model by hand.
c. Provide 3-5 photos of the model making process (at least 1 working desktop photo), 3 photos from different angles of the model (front view, top view, side view, at least 1 in each direction), and no less than 2 detailed drawings. The total number of photos shall not be less than 5. The background of the photos must be dark solid color, and excessive post-processing is not allowed.
d. Provide an audio file no longer than 2 minutes, explaining the understanding of "light", "Art Museum" and "Tadao Ando" (in mp4/mp3 format, no background noise, voice should be clear).
f. Hashtag #LIGHTUP# on Weibo and post completed photos (no less than 3) or a video clip of the model. At the same time, mention @和美术馆HEM, @拾分之壹时刻 (remember to mention your own candidate's exclusive number, such as 001).
g. Completed model should be mailed to HEM before February 28, 2021 (address and recipient will be sent by email).
h. The results of the exhibiting model selection will be announced on March 20, 2021.
* As the project coincides with the Spring Festival holiday, express delivery will be affected. Please arrange the preparation of model materials delivery time accordingly. The deadline is subject to the delivery stamp.

2. Selection Rules

This project will have two rounds of selections.

1) Preliminary Selection
After the first round of application calls, the organizer will select three candidates from all the pre-qualification forms according to the applicants' understanding of the project and past model experience. On February 5, the organizer will release the list of qualifications, and 78 candidates in this round will receive awards for qualification.

2) Finalist Review
The score (100 as full mark) is composed of the following two parts:
a. those who have posted on Weibo will get 10 points.
b. the organizer and the representatives HEM, Tadao Ando Architect & Associates and One-tenth Art Company will each give their score (30 points maximum each).
The final score will be the total sum of the above, and the highest total score of each project will be selected works to obtain the final awards (26 in total).

3. Fees

The open call of this project requires fees as follows:
1) Registration fee: all participants are required to submit a registration fee of 20 RMB.
2) Production cost: 78 candidates (who have passed the first round) need to pay 50 RMB for the model production.

4. Others:

1) Registration information
The organizer undertakes that:
a. The personal information and data collected in the process will conform to the relevant provisions of national laws and regulations, industry regulatory authorities, and there will be no violation of the relevant rights of any individual or other third party in the process of collection, acquisition, information processing and information use;
b. The collected personal information and data will be strictly confidential. When used for other purposes, we will de-identify the data through technical means, and promise that the de-identified information will not reveal identify the beholder.

2) Results Review
The organizer will review all the submitted materials and registration information. The organizer shall have the right to disqualify the participant in any of the following circumstances:
a. Failing to complete or submit materials and achievements according to the rules.
b. Providing false or invalid information.
c. The submitted content infringes the legitimate rights and interests of the third party, and falsely uses or misappropriates the achievements of others.
d. Taking part in the activities for the purpose of making use of loopholes or stealing information.
e. Disseminating untrue statements related to the event or other statements that damage the reputation of the event and the organizer by itself or entrusting a third party.
f. Contents containing sensitive contents (such as political, ridicule, satire, obscenity, etc.) or damaging the reputation of the sponsor (including its affiliated companies).
g. During the project’s period, participants use the achievements for commercial purposes or authorize any third party to use them in any form.
h. Violate any activity rules issued by the organizer, endanger the normal operation of the activity, implement or participate in any harmful or unfair behavior to the organizer and the activity.
i. For the selected results, the organizer may make appropriate repair and adjustment based on the exhibition requirements, or require the winner to provide more perfect information for later exhibition. If the winner refuses, the organizer has the right to consider whether to use it in the exhibition according to the situation.
j. Participants will be deemed to accept the rules of this project on their project submission.

3) Copyright
According to the relevant national laws and regulations, the model collected in this project is a scaled down replica of the building prototype, which is not original. The intellectual property rights of the model are owned by the organizer. However, during the model exhibition at the Tadao Ando exhibition, the model will be credit to the corresponding maker.

4) Ownership
The ownership of the model belongs to One-tenth Art Company, the organizer of the activity. No other unit or individual is allowed to transfer, copy, reprint, disseminate, publish or license the model in any form without authorization.

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