Things to know before visiting


Ticketing Information

• Physical ticket is required to enter He Art Museum. Please collect your ticket at the reception desk.
• Tickets are non-refundable and non-exchangable, unless the exhibition or public program has been cancelled.  
• You can request a receipt at the reception desk on the day of ticketing.
• Please follow the guidelines of Visiting Information, expulsion will be applied in the violation of these rules.

Visiting Information

• All dangerous items including inflammable and explosive materials are prohibited in the museum.
• No entrance without proper dress, and no drunken visitors are allowed.
• Children (under 11 or less than 1.4m in height) or adults who are incapable of discerning conduct must be accompanied by supervisor. Each adult supervises no more than two children or adults who are incapable of discerning conduct.
• Please follow the signs at the museum. Do not talk loud, make noise, chase or fight.
• Photos can be taken outside the restricted area. Selfie sticks, tripods, flashlight are prohibited in the galleries. Equipments dimensions more than 15 x 15 x 10 cm are not allowed in the museum. Photographs and videos for commercial or publishing purposes without the museum's consent is prohibited.
• The maximum luggage size one can bring into the exhibition hall is 45cm (length + width + height), or it should be stored in the luggage room.
• Please do not bring any food or drink into the gallery.
• The works of art and other exhibition amenities are prohibited of touching. Please be aware of your public demeanor to maintain a pleasant environment for all visitors.
• Please take care of your children and adults who are incapable of discerning conduct. Should any damages incur, the museum reserves the right to pursue compensation.
• Please keep the museum tidy and clean. No smoking is allowed at the museum.
• No pets allowed except service animals.
• Please contact HEM team to make request for commercial activity or event.

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Early Admission

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