He Art Museum (HEM) Unveils Roxy Paine's Ballast


Growing out from the water pond surface in Crescent Garden of He Art Museum (HEM), there stands Roxy Paine’s Ballast, a site-specific commission work within HEM’s permanent collection. Ballast is an attribution to the Paine's best-known series Dendroids and the first large installation of this series to be displayed in Asia.

HEM commissioned Ballast in May 2018. Architect Tadao Ando, HE Jianfeng, founder of HEM and the museum crew have participated in the commission and installation process. In January 2020, Ballast put down its roots in the museum, becoming an important part of HEM. 

It was challenging to install the artwork properly in order to make sure it is safe itself and to the audience. After repeated calculations and a great number of tests conducted, Ballast is attached to the overall architectural structure of the museum, which allows it to withstand harsh weather conditions especially during Shunde’s subtropical typhoon seasons.

As one of the highlights sited in Crescent Garden, Ballast is adapted into the landscape designed by Tadao Ando. No matter viewing from what kinds of distance or angle, the piece of art is perfectly connected and matched with its surrounding environment.

Roxy Paine, Ballast, 2019, 
Stainless Steel, 1219.2 × 1539.2 × 967.7 cm
© HEM, Photo by Huang Zaohui

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